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Press Release


July 10, 2007, Sarasota FL:

Dr. Kochno gave a presentation to the Regional Association of Occupational Therapists in Southwest Florida in the Clinical Assessment of the Shoulder.

SMHCS will be hosting the July 10th SouthBay OT Meeting at the Institute for Advanced Medicine (Education Room)
6:00PM -6:630PM  Light supper
6:30PM -7:15PM - Business Meeting
7:15PM to 8:15PM - Continuing Education -- Dr. Taras Kochno will be presenting Review of the Shoulder - Clinical Assessment


February 9, 2006, Orlando FL:

Company Contact:

Matt Bruback, President (941) 228-4179

Additional Contact Information:

Shannon Dowdy, LPGA Kinesiologist  (918) 520-4449

Dr. Taras Kochno, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation International (941) 755-8819

Murray Maitland, PT, PHD, University of South Florida (813) 974-1666


New Sports Training Aid Helps Confirm Theory

Even before the introduction of the Balance Pro SportBelt at the PGA Merchandise Show, held in Orlando 26 thru 29 January, 2006, this revolutionary sports training aid was a smash hit.  There was genuine excitement in the golf and kinesiology communities prior to the show when the Balance Pro SportBelt aided in verifying the role flexibility, weight shift, and balance have on perception and sports performance.  Specifically, the Balance Pro SportBelt was instrumental in aiding sports therapists and kinetic professionals in their efforts to validate a theory about how differing body/spine types affect athletic ability.  Just days before the PGA Merchandise Show LPGA Kinesiologist Shannon Dowdy and Dr. Taras Kochno of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation International located in Bradenton, Florida took the belt to the University of South Florida research lab in Tampa and had the belt tested by Murray Maitland, head of research at USF, which helped authenticate this ground-breaking theory.  This confirmation will dramatically change the way athletes are taught and, most importantly, the way players will learn proper mechanics in this new body/spine specific world.

The Balance Pro SportBelt is the only sports training aid which works for all sports by isolating the specific muscles to provide the feel for loading and balance which maximizes the power of proper weight shift.  Just five minutes of using the belt prior to practice or competition eliminates weight shift problems.  When asked about the theory, Matt Bruback, professional baseball player and inventor of the Balance Pro SportBelt stated; “The real experts about the theory of body/spine types are Shannon Dowdy and Dr. Kochno.  They tested the belt to help them confirm a theory that people are divided into differing body/spine types due to their flexibility.  From my understanding, this will revolutionize sports training in that differing body/spine type athletes will require new training methods.”   The theory categorizes athletes into three predominant body/spine types.  These three categories are upper chest, upper middle chest, and lower back.  For example, an upper chest athlete’s upper body works separately from their lower body which causes timing issues due to the amount of extra flexibility they have in their core (mid-section).  While lower back dominant type athlete’s upper and lower body move in unison which causes them to have difficulties with balance.  Less prevalent is the upper middle chest body type athletes who have more flexibility than a lower back body type but less rotation in their core than an upper chest body type athlete. 

“We are delighted the Balance Pro SportBelt helped these experts confirm this important theory.  It is exciting that the Balance Pro SportBelt will play a major role in aiding athletes, coaches, scouts, physical therapists, trainers, and the like in their quest to dramatically increase the understanding of how the body works to maximize performance”, added Matt.  More information may be found at


June 20, 2005 Washington, DC:
Dr. Kochno and the Executive Board of NASPAC met with Newt Gingrich and his staff to discuss Healthcare Reform issues related to post-acute quality of care and reimbursement rates.


May 13, 2005 Tampa, Florida:
Dr. Kochno designated as ringside physician for Professional Boxing Event by the Florida State Boxing Commission.


May 9, 2005 Sarasota, Florida:
Dr. Kochno designated as ringside physician for Professional Boxing Event by the Florida State Boxing Commission.


February 4, 2005 Jacksonville, Florida:
Dr. Kochno designated ringside physician for Nationally televised Professional Boxing Event by the Florida State Boxing Commission.


January 1, 2005 Washington DC:

Taras V Kochno MD was elected Chairman of NASPAC, National Association Subacute / Postacute Care for a two year term commencing January 2005 - January 2007, Washington, DC.


December 15, 2004 Carlsbad, California:

Taylor made - Adidas Golf, invited Dr. Kochno, Dr. Murray Maitland and former PGA player Terry Anton to meet with their research director to discuss cooperative research ideas.


September 16 - 19, 2004 Knoxville Tennessee:
Dr. Kochno invited by University of Tennessee to teach innovative stretching techniques for the strength and conditioning coaches.


Aug 3, 2004 NFL - New Orleans
Donte Stallworth hopes to put injuries behind him.

Aug 4, 2003 Bradenton FL:
Learning flexibility - Rehab clinic offers alternatives



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