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Patient Information



We suggest that all new patients arrive at least ten minutes before their scheduled appointment so that they can fill out our questionnaire.  This information serves a number of purposes.  It gives us a database of information that we can permanently store in our computer system.  It also gives us information we need for laboratory requisitions and claim submissions for those patients who have insurance carriers we accept. 

Most importantly, it gives us individual information about each patient regarding their previous health with specific attention to previous physical injuries and/or pain history.  Please be certain to complete the medical questionnaire portion accurately and fully. 

Should you need to cancel your appointment, it is important that you notify the office at least 24 hours in advance so that others may be allowed to utilize the vacant time spot without causing penalty to you, the patient.  We try to maintain a timely schedule in our office for the convenience of every patient.  Your cooperation in this regard is important.


Telephone Calls

The office is open five days a week and, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.  If you call after hours you will reach a recording.  You may leave a message.  We will return your call at the earliest office reopening.


Fees and Reimbursement

Dr. Kochno is a participating physician in Medicare and other insurance and HMO plans.  Please inquire as to whether or not we accept your insurance plan at the time of your appointment.  Although we will submit all claims that are assigned, the patient is expected to pay for all deductibles and co-payments.

For those patients enrolled in HMOs, please remember that Dr. Kochno is a specialist and that he cannot see any HMO patient without an appropriate referral from authorization.  Such documentation of the referral is required by HMOs before or at the time of the visit.

For patients with private commercial insurance, payment is expected at the completion of each visit, as our services are rendered.  For your convenience our office accepts all major credit cards.


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