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Q I am a competitive soccer player in Canada.  I read your article about the posterior knee capsule strain.

I have seen a few people and paid them well to look at my knee but I am unsatisfied with their diagnosis.

I get pain "in" my knee as a result of kicking balls hard.  I believe the mech. of injury was hyperextension and external tib rotation (repeated kicking).

I am trying to rehab as fast as possible because I am approaching the biggest summer of my athletic career.  I need to be in shape and I am experiencing knee pain and swelling after any leg exercise. 

I have taken up to 2 weeks off now with RICE.  I was feeling pretty asymptomatic about 5 days ago so I tried to get back into training with some "light" slow closed chain leg work.  It swelled up and I was back to where I started.

Today, after a long 4 days, I decided to do some static balancing and isometric leg work, and regular strength for the surrounding joints (hip ankle, core). There is still pain and swelling and I am afraid to run or play and make it worse.

Up until just recently I was convinced I had hurt my ACL, but now I can see from much research that the posterior capsule and PCL are likely what I've hurt.

I was just wondering what I can do by myself to pinpoint the injury and rehab on my own.

I can't afford to keep paying for treatment unless I am sure I'm doing the right thing.  I have a muscle stim and access to equipment.

Please explain what the posterior capsule is and how I can determine what's wrong and how to fix it!

I have done research, but I think the best way would be if someone like yourself could just help me out!

The short answer is MRI of the knee looking at the posterior cruciate ligament for possible tear.  If not than the article focusing on posterior muscle and ligament groups may be the aggravating factors.  I don't know what part of the country you are from or even outside the US, but there are good people out there to diagnose your problem .






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