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 Athletic Performance

 Baseball Pitchers and Hitting

Baseball Pitching Velocities

 Rehabilitation in Boxing
 Concept of an Executive Medical Boxing Board

Golf Facts
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Swing Mechanics
 Faults & Resulting Injuries
Shoulder in Sports
 Age and Injury
Muscle Memory
Science And Golf
 Golfer’s Spine
Spine Mechanics
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Biomechanics Of Golf
Golf Mechanics - Questions

 Knee Capsule Strain
 Psoas Minor Strain

Basic Anatomical Review

Elbow Joint
Radial - Ulnar Joint
Wrist Joint, Fingers and Hands
 Hip Joint and Pelvis
 Ankle & Knee

Musculoskeletal Disorders
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Joint Mobilization of the Wrist
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Alternative Health
Composition of the Human Body
Mattes Method®
Energy Medicine

Health Care Reform Issues
 Post-Acute Reimbursement System

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Overview of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Understanding Stress
Athletic Anxiety

 Role Of Physiatry
 Case Management in Subacute Settings
 The Road To Recovery Following A Stroke
 Viewpoint of Subacute Care
 MindDrive Study


Postural Muscle Pain

Posture And Gait:  Kinesiology Application To Motion

Posture Assessment

Chronic Forward Cervical - Head Posture 

Biking Biomechanics and Injuries

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National Committee Appointments 


  • American Medical Political Action Committee Member-1992.

  • American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Member of Subcommittee of Diagnostic Coding and Reimbursement.  1993-present.

  • Medical Advisor of National Subacute Care Association (NSCA), Washington, DC.  Education Committee, 1994.

  • American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Member of Subcommittee of Subacute Rehabilitation.  January 1994.

  • Insurance Advisory Board, Bradenton, FL.  January 1994.

  • State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health, Member of Steering Committee for the Public Health Code Revision Project, Development of Standards of Care for Long Term Facilities in Connecticut, Hartford, CT.  1995-1997.

  • Health Care Finance Agency, (HCFA) Task Force Committee Member with Thomas Hoyer and eight other members to consult of Medicare Reform for Long Term Care Facilities and incorporation of RUG III, Baltimore, MD.  1996-1998.

  • National Subacute Care Association, Member of Educational Subcommittee, Washington, DC.  1996-present

  • National Subacute Care Association, Member of Respiratory Special Interest Group, Washington, DC.  May 1996.

  • American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Member of Subcommittee for Managed Care and Capitation Strategic Management Group.  November 1997.

  • National Association of Long Term Hospitals.  Member of Subcommittee on Clinical Outcomes and Reimbursement.  Washington, DC.  1998.

  • National Subacute Care Association, NSCA Institute Committee Member, Washington, DC.  June 1998-present.

  • Florida Chapter of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) –President, Bradenton, FL.  1998-present.

  • Academy of Chinese Healing Arts, Faculty, Sarasota, FL. 1999-present.

  • National Association of Subacute/Post Acute Care, Education Committee Member, Washington, DC.  August 2002-present.

  • Massage Therapy Advisory Committee, Manatee Technical Institute, Member, October 4,2002-present.

  • National Association of Subacute / Post Acute Care, Chairman, Washington, D.C. 2005 - 2007



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